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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

CGI has never looked so real!

Pix main image

In 2009 Set Visions embarked on an adventure into the world of CGI. We created our brand “Pix”, which delivered undisputed photorealistic images. 8 years on and we’re delivering incredibly emotive imagery using our Pix technology, CGI has never looked so real, so lifestyle, so daylight.

Pix can also offer tremendous logistical benefits over traditional photography, and using techniques we’ve honed over the years, we deliver consistent quality and speed at the most competitive rates. Take a look at our all new CGI website to see some of our latest work - prepare to be amazed!

Monday, October 10, 2016

The CGI Deal of the Century!

Pix CGI have uploaded 100 3D models into our Turbo Squid account with license free usage ready for all your CGI endeavours. From the largest chandelier to the smallest screw all our CGI props are modelled down to the finest detail, meaning you can purchase with confidence the exact same 3D props and textures we use in our photorealistic CGI images.

Designer chairs, coffee machines and even Jack Daniels BBQ sauce – you name it - we have modelled it all.
Head on over now to and invest in quality CGI models for your projects.

100 Milestone (FLAT) V1


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5th Oct 2018

AR for retail

Set Visions offer AR apps which are perfect for retail. Gone are the days of clunky...

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Here come team Capture! Head to our main grid for more. . Time for a refresh group...
#joinourgang #capture

Here come team Capture! Head to our main grid for more. . Time for a refresh group...
#eyesbright #thegang

10th Jul 2018

Investing In Our Software To Save You Money

Set Visions Technical Director has invested in cutting edge, next generation server technology...

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