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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The devil is in the detail!

This month PIX invites you to take sneak peek behind the scenes into our world of CGI photography. This CGI time lapse video demonstrates the level of detail that is contained within each and every CGI room set; resulting in a photorealistic on trend lifestyle computer generated images. Why not sit back, turn up the volume and watch as this CGI Bathroom is brought to life!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Setting a style to sell

3395 Dec14 Centro - No Code (FLAT) V2 FAR_edited-1

We’ve recently art directed the photography style for a leading independent distributor’s new marketing initiatives.

Our in-house stylists and creatives compiled a number of possible creative routes to best present the product offering for the distributor's re-imagined designer bathroom brand.

Impressed by our creativity - and with the photographic art direction now set following our consultation - Set Visions have been asked to create a number of CGI photography images for the distributor. The CGI interior shots we are crafting will be amongst some of the key images to be incorporated in their new brochure.

Set Visions pride ourselves on being able to create the very best photorealistic CGI photography in the market. Combining the very best CGI artists with our years of photography experience, we are able to create a lifelike quality unrivalled by our competitors.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Adding Real World Objects to a 3D Environment

Sometimes our photorealistic images require the addition of a real world item into a 3D environment and have this item behave realistically within the 3D image. We have mastered several processes to achieve this. Our photography background and cgi styling experience can be a wonderful help in this situation.

Below an example of a photorealistic room set

cgi Bathroom

Thursday, August 1, 2013

PIX... As seen in House to Home


'Create a look you'll love'… featuring CGI Room Set images by PIX.

Sometimes a visual is more than a selling tool for a client… it has to be inspiring for a shopper too! The cgi bathroom image below was featured in House to Home magazine, with a focus on Bathroom decorating trends. Showcasing our cgi photography as the main image.

Another fine example of our cgi interiors!

CGI Bathroom

Sunday, June 30, 2013

PIX... featured in The Telegraph

CGI Bathroom Link

More publicity for our cgi Interiors!

We're so proud to see our CGI Room Set images used again to showcase our clients products! Being featured in an established media such as The Telegraph offers more exposure for our cgi bathrooms and cgi kitchens.

In a recent article, The Telegraph Sponsored Lifestyle section, you will see both images below and the magazine feature covering Bathroom style tips; taps, tiles and more!

Hope you'll agree our style and finished images are a credit to cgi interiors!

CGI Interior

CGI Kitchen

Thursday, June 20, 2013

PIX… featured in the latest 3D Artist Magazine

Following our online interview about the merging worlds of photography and CGI (see archive blog May 16, 2013), we're featured again with 3D Artist Magazine. This time in their printed magazine, our work was chosen to showcase a creative CGI Bathroom image.

This cgi tap shows fantastic photorealistic detail with added interest in the camera angle making this shot more dramatic!

Our featured cgi bathroom image can be viewed in Issue 56 of 3D Artist Magazine, available now!

3D Artist

CGI Bathroom

Thursday, May 23, 2013


We tried many different programmes and plug-ins to try and show realistic water… and thought we had done quite well until our new improved photorealistic water was achieved. Both particle and meshing was first accomplished and then the finishing touches applied… thus giving us our results.

Taking this into CGI Bathrooms and CGI Kitchens now gives us another added value, not to mention more options for our photorealistic images.

Finished result:

CGI Bathroom

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Studio Interview

Acknowledgement for our CGI Photography opened communication and ensuing interview with 3D Artist. 3D Artist is an authoritative and well-respected source of inspiration for those working or aspiring to be working in the CGI industry. A leading media source for online and print publication news.

3D Artist chat with Set Visions about merging the worlds of photography and CGI.

(Q) Can you please tell us a little about Set Visions and the history of the studio?

“Set Visions was established over 25 years as a commercial photographic studio, combining photographic and creative skills with emerging technology. Having transitioned from film to digital, and more recently launching a unique photorealistic CGI brand named ‘PIX’…”

To learn more and see the full interview please click

CGI Bathroom

Thursday, April 25, 2013

KBB the Blog

Benefiting from a great position of working in many market sectors, we have a culture enriched with a deep history and experience of cgi interiors; Kitchens, Bedroom and Bathrooms are no exception.

Our cgi illustrators and artists pride themselves having worked on numerous distinctive projects over the years. Think interiors, think cgi… think PIX may have created that, or something very similar. Brochures, websites, promotions or ads, our work has seen a wide variety of exposure with KBB cgi images, furthermore we offer the ability to continue this trend moving forward.

Our images have helped us fine-tune many of our well-perfected skills in recent years, making our 3D rendering some of the finest in this arena. Our extensive range of cgi kitchens, cgi bedrooms and cgi bathrooms, cover everything from traditional to contemporary to modern. Our portfolio includes comprehensive finishes of wood, gloss, granite, chrome, and even water and steam, highlighting our forte for photorealistic achievement every time.

2605 BD082 May12 TOK Kitchen Opener_V3 WKS

At Set Visions our cgi skills have been adapted and perfected amongst our artists, respectfully creating a friendly rivalry with our team, each eager to introduce the next new concept into the studio and beyond into a live project.

Having produced countless eye-catching images of cgi interiors, we embrace new technology to evolve aspiration, relishing the ability to push creative boundaries further and produce interior cgi images that inspire manufacturers, retailers and ultimately consumers alike. A passion that drives enthusiasm, creativity and innovation for a team that just keeps growing and growing.

At the next national KBB exhibition in London, we ponder the thought… just how many cgi Interior images will people view this year? Find out more about KBB 2013 here

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