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Friday, November 7, 2014

What is CGI?

One of the most asked questions on Google

What is CGI? ... Computer Generated Image ‘CGI’ are images created within 3D software with no need for photographic involvement. These software solutions have been used for many years as architectural visual and design tools and within the special effects industry for film and television.

More recently with software improvements and the introduction of ever faster computer processes it is now possible create true photo-realistic images using these CGI technologies. These software packages are no different to any other creative tool; the quality of the results depends on the creative skills of the users, just as you expect with a traditional photographic camera or design software.

CGI offers several advantages over photography. Space is no longer an issue, a set can be any size or design so standard restrictions like studio space/height aren’t an issue. Repeatability is also a major benefit. Because everything is in a virtual space, going back to old shots and making changes is a simple task. If you wanted to do this photographically the set would have to be rebuilt, usually costing the same as the original shot. Being able to re-render an existing set takes a matter of hours as opposed to days at a fraction of the cost.

Every Item within the images needs to be created in 3D; sometime these 3D models are created for the manufacturing process and therefore may exist in some form.


These 3D models will then have textures applied, this is the term used for all the elements of the items surface finish, colour, sheen, texture and reflective properties.


The 3D models just as in real life need to be ‘photographed’ in a virtual photographic studio where all the skills required in the real world photography are used here. Camera compotation, studio lighting, styling and art direction.


This all now exists in a 3D virtual world and can be re-visited at any point of time to make alteration such as colour, camera angles and even to create web videos or to produce TV advertisements.

Click here to see the animation

What is PIX? ... all the above with the reassurance of consistent photorealistic lighting and textures ever image ever project with full project management support and creative art direction.

Click here to see the CGI process

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Virtual Showroom

It can be tough hoping retailers might purchase big-ticket items online, particularly from existing low-res cut out images that we currently see.

With greater domestic broadband now available, this offers new opportunities to display big-ticket items online, with improved image results.

Create a 'Virtual Showroom', mixing combinations of video and interactive solutions, to deliver an entertaining and informative shopping experience for any retailer, prolonging their visit to your site and giving them extra confidence to purchase. These 'Virtual Showrooms' can be tailored to suit your products, your website and ultimately your potential customers.

CGI Motion Video Visual Showroom

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Exploding 360 Videos

An Exploding 360 video can portray a thousand words in one spin. Imagine a whole product manual in a simple 15-second video, a visual guide that showcases ‘How To’ instructions and assembly manuals or product demonstrations.

360 Exploding Video example

Additional benefits of 3D renders, simply an engaging and informative video with additional detail of your product.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Movie Trends

PIX the unique CGI brand was launched at Set Visions several years ago. Our clients have been enjoying and using cgi to replace conventional photography ‘like for like’ for numerous benefits, including obvious logistical benefits. Until recently, people have not fully pursued the additional marketing opportunities available through their cgi scenes, namely the transition into movies!

Any still image created in cgi, can be animated by our illustrators, transitioning the scene into a photo-realistic video promoting all those additional hidden benefits not on view within still cgi photography.

More and more when we discuss product launches, there is an increased awareness for a multi media direction. With PIX cgi, we are delivering a ‘one stop shop’ approach, providing everything from:

  • Product Cut Out images in every colour way and variation for the web
  • CGI Photography Lifestyle scenes to invoke emotion
  • 360 degree images on the web for ‘high ticket’ items
  • Animated Videos for building customer confidence

The importance of bringing added value to the on-line shopper for those ‘high ticket’ items can be achieved with a short, stylish and informative movie. PIX cgi can certainly do this. With our cgi animation method, we can deliver movies without the large production and logistic costs normally related to achieve this.

CGI Kitchen Movie from Set Visions


Learn more about how to deliver your products in motion


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