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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

CG Show Case

These contemporary CGI visuals are based on a high end gloss cashmere kitchen door for a national kitchen supplier. Concealed strip lighting is a modern architectural feature, with quirky open ended storage in the island. Mood lighting is key to the atmosphere, with designer glass pendants adding a soft intimate lifestyle feel.

a 3618 Dec15 4a Slab PVC Cashmere Gloss J Cab (MAIN) V4 (FLAT) PJH

The following cameo shots successfully show the features and benefits within the range, up-selling to the consumer. Our in-house Art Direction and commercial understanding of client’s products is key to producing these groups of shots with set design, interior trends and CG camera all contributing to the success.

b 3618 Dec15 4a Cashmere Gloss Oven Housing INSET (MAIN) V2 (DOF) PJH

c 3618 Dec15 4a Slab PVC Cashmere Gloss J Cab Hettich Sliding System INSET (DOF) V1 PJH

d 3618 Dec15 4a Slab PVC Cashmere Gloss J Cab J Cab INSET V1 (DOF) PJH

Friday, December 11, 2015

Photorealism. The art of imperfection. Pix CGI.

With modern advances in CGI quality it is increasingly possible to create imagery that can perfectly mimic a photograph. For many of our clients this brings a number of benefits from traditional photography. Not only can they have ideas without limitations for their set builds, but they are also able to bring many cost efficiencies through reusing the CGI sets we build for them, and also by creating multiple renders of the same products but in different colours or with different finishes. CGI also has cost savings as there is no physical set build and therefore no wastage.

But getting amazing photorealism isn’t just a case of setting up a 3D room set and hitting the render button. The Pix team are a unique blend of traditional photographers, stylists, CGI artists and post production experts. Combined with the unique processes we employ to create Pix CGI we are able to produce photorealistic CGI that feels real to our client’s customers.


Well, believe it or not – when it comes to producing CGI that feels real, a lot of it comes down to the art of imperfection. It is a case of adding the imperfections and limitations that real sets, real cameras and real lights can create when taking a real photograph. Without these imperfections CGI can feel too perfect!

For a recent Pix CGI photography job, our client was more insistent than most that these imperfections were introduced to their CGI shots and that real period architectural details were replicated.

Here are just a few shots of many which highlight some of the imperfections and limitations we accounted for when producing the shots for our client.

No room for symmetry
The room set we built was based on a period conversion. Often when producing CGI room sets for these kinds of properties it is an easy choice to avoid some of the far from perfect lines and architectural curiosities – instead building sets which create perfect balance and symmetry when rendered as a final shot. With these shots we created a more realistic room set by incorporating the imperfect build qualities which would be found within a more typical period conversion.

No room for the camera

More often than not CGI artists will ‘cheat’ a shot. Placing virtual cameras where, in reality, if the room were within a real house, they wouldn’t be able to place a camera. For instance a wall or some fitted furniture might be in the way. The Pix CGI photographs rendered for this job accounted for all the limitations a real room within a house would place on camera placement. In this shot – the output is on the border of being a little cramped – but feels more real as a result of placing these limitations.

Perfect imperfection
All too often the finishes applied to CGI photography are so perfect that the shots can appear almost hyperreal – an unachievable reality! For the shot below the stone surrounds to the windows and doors were deliberately created so that they did not line up. The plaster was also created to blend into the stonework and not be completely vertical. This creates a very traditional period feel to the set. The ceiling boards were also created with a random pattern so that they were not too neat.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

High Five for Pix CGI

Recently we’ve received high praise for our CGI photography from two of our most recent clients within the Kitchens & Joinery and Office Furniture industries.

High performing project management
“You`ve been a great help to us this year, and an absolute pleasure to deal with as well.”

High achiever
“Looking forward to working with you again next year, you`re a star.”

High sales
“Sales are flying on all new initiatives online”

High definition CGI - High quality CGI
“The CGI is the best out there for me!”

So… Get in touch with Set Visions Pix if you are in need of the highest quality, most photorealistic CGI photography in the market!

Office Furniture Roomset CGI Client Example

Office Furniture Roomset CGI Client Example

Kitchen Roomset CGI Client Example

Office Furniture Roomset CGI Client Example

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Photorealistic Kitchens That Inspire

When the Kitchen is the hub of the house it deserves lifestyle appreciation and to match a photorealistic 3D image to promote it. This is exactly what PIX delivers, a CGI interior with a warm, homely ambience.

Trend implies a more design conscious audience view and register product that evokes an emotion, acknowledgement of your products, and possibly helping the end sales!

PIX will infuse lifestyle into your cgi room sets.

Photorealistic CGICGI Kitchen Interiors

Monday, December 9, 2013

CGI etc. Kitchens etc. Living ETC.

Happy to share another photorealistic PIX image, as featured in the renowned magazine, Living Etc. Our kitchen room set can be admired in their ad ‘Start the New Year with a kitchen you’ll love’. We’d like to add, ‘Start cgi with a studio you’ll love’.

With good will and season’s greetings upon us, we appreciate the public exposure our images gain, tribute to the quality of cgi photorealism we achieve with our image renders.


CGI Kitchen

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PIX... featured in Real Homes

‘Interior design advice for kitchens’… featuring a CGI Room Set image by PIX.

Seeing a PIX photorealistic kitchen image in a recognized magazine such as ‘Real Homes’ is always pleasing for our studio. This is a perfect magazine for anyone looking for home improvement inspiration and advice.


Our latest cgi room set features in a theme based on creating a kitchen for cooking and socialising, offering expert advice from interior designer Julia Kendell. This article can be found in the latest edition of Real Homes Magazine.

Another great photorealistic kitchen image from PIX, unique cgi interiors.

CGI Kitchen

Friday, July 19, 2013

CGI Lighting Techniques

Over the past 12 months we have worked on new lighting techniques for our photorealistic scenes.
You can clearly see the difference between our cgi kitchen 2012 (top image below) with full post and our cgi kitchen 2013 (second image below) with only our standard base render (no post).

Improving our cgi photography with new skills is a constant goal for our team of cgi illustrators.
Making our cgi interiors even better is our passion!
CGI Kitchen 2012
CGI Kitchen 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

CGI Organics

Organic matter can be very difficult to produce in CGI. We have scanned various items of food including fruit, pasta and bread.

Our image shows a tray of cereal being scanned. With various options available after the scan to import into our CGI Interior images, helping us achieve our photorealistic look for food items.

CGI Food Scanned Cereal

CGI Food Cereal Model

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hob Flame Movie

Having tested various methods to perfect our live gas flames on a cgi kitchen hob… we've finally achieved these great results!

Our teams 'obsessive nature' to perfect and create our visual of live gas has proved worthwhile, as we start to hear positive feedback from our clients and other CGI artists and illustrators.

Take a look at our full kitchen video.

A capture from the movie:

CGI Kitchen Hob

Sunday, June 30, 2013

PIX... featured in The Telegraph

CGI Bathroom Link

More publicity for our cgi Interiors!

We're so proud to see our CGI Room Set images used again to showcase our clients products! Being featured in an established media such as The Telegraph offers more exposure for our cgi bathrooms and cgi kitchens.

In a recent article, The Telegraph Sponsored Lifestyle section, you will see both images below and the magazine feature covering Bathroom style tips; taps, tiles and more!

Hope you'll agree our style and finished images are a credit to cgi interiors!

CGI Interior

CGI Kitchen


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