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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bake off Bonanza

Over the past month here at Set Visions we have been holding our very own Great Set Visions Bake Off! It’s been a month of tasty talents from our creative team showcasing some stylish designs and mouth-watering treats! After rigorous tasting, voting and waist band expanding three golden spoons were awarded…


Jal our Head of Creative produced an unconventional beauty much like she does with her interior and room set design. Awarded the Golden Spoon for Creativity her Chocolate Cherry Delight made with beetroot, wild flowers and mascarpone. It was an elegant floral beauty that won the hearts of everyone who voted.


The winner of tastiness goes to Owen (CGI artist and baker extraordinaire) for his Coconut Lemon Drizzle Cake which was thoughtful and packed with taste which exhibited top baking skills. Owen's meticulous approach to baking is reflected in the visualisation and CGI animation he works on here at Set Visions.

nina cake bake 2

And the winner of moistness and the overall winner of the competition goes to Nina! Nina's attention to detail and perfectionists eye can be seen in her lifestyle and trend work, top work from our Head Photographic Stylist. Congratulations, your delicious, Berry Bundt Cake (fruit cake) was intricate, beautiful but also had the perfect balance of moistness, taste as well as overall goodness which has won you the crown of The Great Set Visions Bake Off 2016.

all cakes 2

Monday, October 20, 2014

Interior Trends

Catwalk fashion leads the way for interior trend forecasting, just as it does for high street clothing. The colours, patterns and textures from the catwalk can be translated into interior decoration, creating a synergy across both disciplines. Our interior stylists believe in staying ahead of the game and translating this seasons hot key trends as soon as they hit the catwalk.
Pastel Pleasure
Geometric Hues
Comfy Leathers

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Set Visions World Cup Final

The results are in and our gallery of winners is below. The final saw our very own studio heavyweight shootout between Argentina and Germany, or as we like to view it… Photography versus CGI Styling, aka Rob and Jess!

After a visually charming few weeks it’s time to congratulate our winner Jess. From the traditionalist and photographic enthusiast we saw the challenge of Argentina, with clear focus and sharp attack, always ready to shoot! But our winner was the technology leader, efficient, programmed and generated; we give you Jess and Germany… CGI, Complete German Invincibility… always a perfect alternative!

CGI Studio

Friday, February 7, 2014

Stylists, Trends and Design

At Set Visions we believe it is vital to be forward thinking and keep ahead of the game when it comes to interior styling and design, especially when creating high quality imagery.

Interior design is just as important as fashion, and similar by moving in cycles. Two of our senior Stylists recently took a trip to the Interiors UK show in Birmingham, to gain inspiration and knowledge from leading global trend experts.

This market can be saturated, but for our stylists it is important to understand the key trends and colours for the coming seasons and year ahead. Ultimately ensuring our cgi renders remain market leaders.

Interiors Styling

Friday, November 22, 2013

Raising Standards for cgi Models

Enjoying years of photographic experience and more recently our cgi skills, we're creating amazing results for our props models to use within our PIX scenes.

Our studio team are always raising the standards for detail in our photorealistic images.
Here is one of our latest models, a beautifully detailed Cast Iron Fire Surround.
cgi Model

Photorealistic detail

Monday, November 11, 2013

Flexible Change Over Benefits

Utilising room sets to show off multiple products is a proven benefit of cgi. With PIX our advantages are even greater. For painted walls, wallpapers or room set decoration, our instant and flexible results provide a guaranteed ROI for all marketing budgets. Meaning our cgi room set images take your products further.

Great example of swift, cost-saving render changes.

CGI piant renders_edited-1

Thursday, October 3, 2013

‘PIX’… Our True Photorealistic brand of CGI hits Stateside!

We have recently partnered with a small, talented and very experienced team in the USA. Offering North America the same photorealistic quality of computer generated imagery, merged with the high level creativity that Set Visions already delivers in the UK and Europe.

We will be providing our partners full Technical Training and Production Structure, as well as being the CGI Research and Development arm for PIX-US.

With demand for quality CGI high in the US, our team of Stewart, Mark and Jeff are now ready to delivery the ‘PIX’ business model to the awaiting crowd!

CGI 3D Renders

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two New Recruits Join the 'Chain Gang'

Patricia and Reena recently joined our Project Management & Styling team. The ‘new suspects’ will be working hard continuing to improve our service offering, bringing both organisational and creativity skills to every project. Our new arrivals both have experience in Project Management, Interior Design and Marketing, giving them all the necessary qualifications to manage studio projects through production, while pushing the creative boundaries!

cgi Styling

"It’s an honour to work at Set Visions as an Interior Stylist! The role provides a constant flow of challenges, giving me opportunities to expand my horizons, to imagine and to create! Being part of this amazing group of skilled professionals, each with unique concepts and influences has really helped and has taught me to develop new perspectives and inspirations on a daily basis for every project. Imagination, commitment and innovation… I Love it!" ...Patricia

“I was delighted to accept the position of Interior Stylist at Set Visions. Having the pleasure of such a great opportunity has enhanced my career, as Set Visions are renowned for their work in the world of interiors. I’m honored to be part of a team full of creative, skilled people. Each individual brings a vast range of concepts and designs to the table, and together we create masterpieces! They’re an inspiration to be around, what more could I ask for… I love my job!" ...Reena

cgi Interior Styling

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Managing Detail, File Size & Render Time

As a CGI Interior scene progresses, adding more and more detail can have an effect on the working file size. Set Visions has created a unique method to retain maximum quality detail and keep file sizes manageable.

This not only helps the file size, it also helps render time and makes certain models easier to work with. Overall enabling us to create a larger photorealistic cgi scene if required.

Below is an example of a 'Prop' showing 2 settings used.
CGI Interiors Prop

CGI Interiors Prop 2

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Soft Furnishings

We've recently put a lot of work into our fabrics and soft furnishings…. you can never have too much practice at this art!

CGI Technicians have their own preferred routine of doing this. After a lot of trial and error and testing new methods etc, we think our results show it has been worth all the hard work.

The final results show a few steps in the process… cgi interiors with a photorealistic result.

CGI Interiors 1

CGI Interiors 2

CGI Interiors 3


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