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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The devil is in the detail!

This month PIX invites you to take sneak peek behind the scenes into our world of CGI photography. This CGI time lapse video demonstrates the level of detail that is contained within each and every CGI room set; resulting in a photorealistic on trend lifestyle computer generated images. Why not sit back, turn up the volume and watch as this CGI Bathroom is brought to life!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The value of CGI product videos

We are often approached by clients wanting video footage to help promote or explain their products. Although a little more expensive – for certain types of products, using CGI instead of traditional live video offers so much more.

We were recently approached by the UK's number 1 supplier and fitter of uPVC doors and windows, SafeStyle UK, who had been impressed by our Pix CGI portfolio. They were already fully aware of the benefits of CGI video and knew it would provide them with the very best footage to help demonstrate their product.

As you will see from the rushes of the CGI footage we created for them (bottom of post) – Set Visions own Pix brand CGI is more photorealistic than any other on the market – it looks like film; but, unlike traditional video, CGI allows the window’s key benefits and technical aspects to be demonstrated at ease and with grace.

Click here to see how SafeStyle UK have used our CGI to edit their own online video (although readers be aware Set Visions can offer full video production as part of our services).

CGI is increasingly more cost effective
With faster hardware and rendering times, CGI is actually not far from being the same price as live action shoots – but although CGI can be more expensive – it really does offer so much more:
  • Ability to demonstrate products detailed technical functionality – hands free
  • Easily demonstrate extremely small macro details
  • Reusable CGI models
  • Amazing hi-resolution
  • Ability to shoot at and from any angle
For more examples of some of Set Vision’s Motion work, both live action and CGI follow our Vimeo page.


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