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Monday, June 22, 2015

Our photographers and CGI artists get together, to get a-head. Photogrammetry.

RobHead scan-chrome

RobHead scan-wood

RobHead scan-texture

Much of our ability to create unrivalled photorealistic CGI photography comes from our decades of photographic experience.

Much of our work relies heavily on collaboration between our CGI artists and the photography team. This last few weeks they’ve both been getting technical and (re)discovering the art of photogrammetry.

3d scanning has been around for a long time. It comes in various forms and has a wide range of uses. Similarly photogrammetry ((link - has been around since the 80's. It is the process of extrapolating 3d data from 2d photographs. With the advent of GPU parallel processing combined with high quality studio DSLR cameras (which we have), photogrammetry has had a new lease of life.

Set Visions have been experimenting with photogrammetry these last few weeks and have been able to use it to capture, traditionally difficult, organic forms (like Rob, one of our photographers', heads) and detailed textures - meaning we can add textures and intricate props to our CGI much faster… meaning the quality and cost efficiencies get passed on to our clients.

Rob’s head was created using a pair of uncalibrated cameras and some even lighting.

As you can see, once the asset has been created, the possibilities are endless. Marble bust, Carved wood, T2000!

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