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We create augmented and virtual reality experiences that allow customers to visualise our client's products in their homes

Augmented & virtual reality

We are at the forefront of developing interactive experiences that include augmented and virtual reality to enable customers to visualise and experience your products virtually with a truly mesmerising sense of realism.

Visualise Augmented Reality

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality truly brings your products to life in the customers home, workplace or environment. The technology creates computer-generated graphics that are overlaid with scenes from the real world using the customer's smart phone camera. Your products can be viewed from different angles, and the customer can determine if they're the right size for their home or office.

Visualise Versatility

Virtually try... before you buy

Creating a "Try-Before-You-Buy" shopping experience using AR offers a number of proven cost saving benefits to retailers including removing barriers to purchase and minimizing customer returns, as well as extending the life of retailer's digital assets.

Visualise Emerging Technologies

Virtual reality

After promising great things in the 1990s - the technology at the time simply wasn't powerful enough to provide realistic virtual experiences. Today, however it would seem Virtual Reality's time has come. With a raft of consumer headsets being launched this year - innovations in this sector are set to soar. By partnering with software houses with years of experience in virtual reality experimentation - Set Visions Visualise areable to create everything from immersive 3D Kitchen designs through to entire virtual showrooms.

Augmented & virtual reality highlights

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