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We create interactive product configurators that allow customers to design and order our client's products to their own specification

Interactive product configurators

For customers who have products which can be configured in many ways, with multiple colours and finishes - an interactive product configurator can lower the high image production costs required to re-create every possible configuration.

Visualise Versatility

Showcase the flexibility and diversity of your product range

Product configurators offer the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the breath of your product range within one simple to use interactive application. Customers can quickly choose different configurations, colours, finishes and fittings to create their ideal product.

Visualise Design Your Own

Allowing customers to make their own design decisions

The interactive experiences we create allow customers to design, customise, visualise and buy the perfect configuration of your product - increased engagement, leads to increased product sales.

Visualise Interactive Product Configurators

Aiding efficient sales and customer service queries

By providing the tools to allow your customers to configure your products to their own precise requirements, customer service, inefficient sales enquires and product returns can be drastically reduced.

Visualise Web App

Plug in and play. Online. On mobile.

All our interactive solutions are designed to work online – simply integrated into our clients websites without the need for plugins.
Designs are 'responsive' – meaning they are optimised to work on customer's desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

Visualise Bespoke Custom Visualisers

Easy implementation. Bespoke. Modular and configurable.

Our configurators are uniquely configured for your unique products but are developed using existing configurable code modules for an efficient development process. If you require any additional functionality or features – new modules can be created and integrated easily.

Interactive product configurators highlights

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